The New Statesman magazine is a British publication that mainly covers politics and cultural news. Published back in 12 April, 1913, in London, UK. The socialist society decided to create a print media outlet to express their views. This was not aimed to an only anti-communist magazine, but an approach to lifestyle, culture and business with a hint of awareness.

The heading members of the publication were Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb and other top members of the socialist Fabian Society, like George Bernard Shaw, the founding director. The current editor in chief of New Statesman magazine is Jason Cowley, he has been taking over this position since 2008.

It began as a movement to open the eyes of the masses and be a source of enlightment but since the magazine has such a strong background. The publication was destined to grow and become one of the greatest forms of print media to date. Though its legacy is not as great as Forbes, Rolling Stone and other such magazines but it’s still up there. That is something nobody can deny.

Now-a-days, the magazine is an available in print, and digital platforms. And still it holds similar ideals as it did at the time of its creation. It has a “liberal, skeptical, political position”.

If I put it in short, they seem to be pointing at a more leftist view that appears to be the stem of their views. Which ultimately goes into their articles, editorials and other sections of the magazine. Since freedom of expression is a right, none of us can stop their content, in case you do not agree with their stand point. But you are welcome to criticize and give your own input regarding the matters.


The magazine has been running since the year 1913, and the longest working editor for the magazine has been Kingsley Martin, working from 1930 to 1960.

The magazine has been internationally recognized, by world class publishers and top-notch writers as well as editors. To add it has been quite an influence for people in terms of career building and finding.

The major contributors of the publications have been the following the people; John Maynard KeynesVirginia Woolf,Bertrand Russell,Paul Johnson andChristopher Hitchens.

Additionally, the publication was formerly addressed as “The Staggers”, but only un-officially. As the magazine was always blaring on about the latest crisis and problems. Whether related to circulation, conspiracies, fundings, ownership, politics and so on. But now it is known as the “politics blog”. That being its nick name of course.


  • New Stateman’s circulation was at its peak in the year of 1906 but lately has surged to a new height, in 2016. The offfcial average circulation of the publication is 34,025.
  • The traffic at New Statesman’s official website in 2016, reached a new high grossing figure of twenty seven million page viewsand an astounding four million unique users.
  • The websites associated with New Statesman are CityMetric, Spotlight, New Statesman Tech and lastly, New Statesman America, which was launched in the year of 2018.
  • New Stateman magazine’s ubscriptionsrates start from £12.00, which is 14.60 USD.
  • The publication is printed fifty tw times per year.
  • New Statesman magazine can be subscribed at You have the option of using a credit card or a direct debit, depening on whichever it is, you are using.
  • The publishers of New Statesman magazine are New Statesman Ltd.


The magazine does not only have vast topic coverage but in-depth, useful insider information. This magazine is British in essence. This magazine has followed the weekly publishing pattern from its advent, which is pretty impressive. Putting out quality content on a weekly basis is not easy feat. Oof. Over the last era, it was evolved from politics and literature to being the politics info hub and much more. It has now acquired a reputation of a respected and no nonsense publication. It is looked up by many minor publications as well. As it has set a very high and successful bar, consistently. Not only in the United Kingdom but as a global magazine. It mostly speaclisesin British politics, culture and affairs but its upkeep with international affairs is pretty great too. 

Founded by Fabian intellects and the London School of Economuics co-founders. New Statesman has a history of being high-class and a no nonsense literary piece for the masses. Having such educated and elite founders, it has maintained the reputation.

The magazine offers an elite range of opiniated, insightful, and mind blowing editorials, articles and columns. Their current affairs coverage is so rich and amazing, it is truly spectacular how they do what they do. The magazine also covers bits of pop culture, movie reviews and blockbuster news. They promote free-thinking and have border breaking ideas and views that think for all. Best part, they update weekly, so in case you cannot get enough. There is no need to worry about that. New Statesman magazine does not cater to bs and click baity news. It has a diverse range of topics relating to economics, business, current affairs and 21st century millennial culture. The magazine is also hassle free, sign up online or have the issue delivered outside your door step. New Statesman magazine is the complete answer to your UK related questions but sorry they don’t realy go in-depth with the Royal Family scandals.