This magazine’s popularity high-key rivals with Forbes magazine. Times is an American weekly news magazine, as well as a news website, with its headquarters in New York City. It was startedback in 1923 and was originally led by Henry Luce.

Time Magazine has several international editions; European, Middle East, Africa, one for Latin America, an Asian edition based in Hong Kong. The South Pacific edition for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, which is based in Sydney. Though in December 2008, the magazine discontinued publishing the Canadian edition.

Time magazine by far, has the largest circulation for any weekly magazine. The print version has a readership of roughly twenty six million, and approximately the twenty million are from the US. In the year of 2012, its circulation was over three million, which then dropped to two million by the end of 2017.


The magazine was founded in 1923, by Briton Hadden and Henry Luce. This was the first weekly magazine in the United States. The two had previously worked together at the Yale Daily News, both on very high positions. The first name decided for the magazine was Facts (That’s Fact’s). They wanted to create a publication that condensed facts and important happenings so busy men could read it in an hour. Then it was decided that Time was a more fitting name, the slogan being “Take Time, It’s Brief”.

Hadden was not all work and no play, which is why the magazine has a heavy coverage of celebrity news, pop culture and other not so serious topics.

One of the main things the magazine wanted to focus on, was representation of the people. Thus recently, in light of this. Time added a “People of the Year" issues which had plenty of success. Some very famous mentions are Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and so on.


The first issue of the magazine was published on March 3, 1923. It featured Joseph G. Cannon, on its cover. The price of the magazine back in was 15¢, which now is roughly equivalent to $2.21.

When Hadden died, back in 1929, Luce than became the big man at Time. As well being a very prominent figure in the history of twentieth century media realm.

Roy Edward Larsen was the second most important man in Time, he was running the corporation and managing the publication. He was also an asset of Time magazine. He was the best man after Henry Luce.


Time magazine was known for its distinct writing style and was a people’s favorite for that very reason. Their distinctive writing style was the regular use of inverted sentences. This was then later burlesqued in 1936 by Wolcott Gibbs in The New Yorker publication.

He said that Backward ran condemnations until reeled the mind...Where it all will end, knows God!

Then till the mid- 1970’s, Time had a section had Listings, which was a weekly thing. This section had summaries, reviews and such of films, plays, musicals, tv broadcast, books, comics and what not. This was a public favorite and one of the magazine’s points that put it on a high horse.

Times magazine is specially known for its red borders, introduced in 1927. The borders have only been altered, a total number of five times since that year.

Time has been known for its “timeless” design, pun intended. And that has been one of its most admired features. The strong, bold covers and design particulars have represented Luce and Hadden’s vision of a robust yet dynamic publication that really catches the readers.

The cover of the magazine has quite a minimalist and neat approach, which emphasizes clarity.


Even though Time is not a business specific magazine, business is its main area of coverage. They were doing a great job at it too but recently, they have given more room to advertisements to their magazine than actual content. Pretty sure they are not running out of writers but the point of having so many adverts isn’t in any way justifiable.

Other than that, business barely gets a speck of attention. There is no insider news or follow up on stock market trends and such. There is more celebrity related news, articles on pop culture, entertainment world and other not so serious things. The magazine over the course of time has lost its charm and though the target audience was men and women, it seems the publication now caters more to the likes of young adults. The political editorials aren’t anything special and the only thing Time has going on for itself.

 Is its reputation that had been made years ago? The magazine has been running for almost a hundred years. Instead of coping with the new, I see it going down with the old. The magazine had expanded its news coverage but really, it feels like quantity has taken over quality.


The content of the magazine is not all that special, nor is it spectacularly informative. I cannot say anybody subscribing to the magazine has an edge over the others but I’m not saying it is absolutely useless either. It’s still a useful read and for someone who is not all that found of the internet, the magazine supplies you with nifty information that will keep you on track with whatever’s going on. That be business, tech, politics or entertainment related.