The magazine that has been setting trends and killing it in the fashion universe since the 1890’s. Yes, it is Vogue Magazine. The statement maker magazine that has been owning the industry even before most of us were even born.

Vogue as you know, is a fashion and lifestyle magazine with 23 international available editions to date. The current editor in chief is the ever so famous, Anna Wintour. Her signature bob cut and sunglasses is how she is chiefly recognized. She’s been featured in many films. Here’s the list of the films in case you are suddenly interested in watching;Manolo, the Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards, The First Monday in May, Mademoiselle C, The Last Impresario and The September Issue.

Also here is a little fun fact for you, Meryl Steep’s character in the “Devil Wears Prada” is in fact not based on Meryl Steep!

Anyways, getting back to the magazine at hand. The first international edition for released in 1916, the British Vogue.

The recent spurt of fashion trends has awaken the desire for many to look up to fashion magazines. Vogue being the center of it all. The cultural boundaries that have been researched, broken down and risen with the expansion of its international editions.

Vogue Italia is the top publishing version so far.


Being a fashion magazine and one that has to set the bar for the others in the industry. The cover dynamic of the magazine should be dissected.

The cover of the magazine is visually appealing and brings the reader major anticipation. The magazine does not follow a new artistic pattern but the covers are the same concept, the famous icon’s picture, primarily women. A close up shot on a white background.The celebrity taking over ninety percent of the magazine’s cover. With preview textsof articles and contents simple black times new roman font. The magazine’s page dimensions are 10.9 x 8.3 x 0.3 inches.

The magazine looks expensive and as a reader, it makes you want to look inside the editorial.


The magazine’s idea basically stemmed from observance. Arthur Baldwin was an ordinary business man who wanted to achieve greatness. He had noticed the upper class of New York, he noticed how lower society was obsessed with the men of the upper class. Everyone wanted to be like them and that is how it came to Arthur, a million dollar idea. With which he would create an empire.

Basically by observing the upper class citizens of New York, after carefully studying the upper class, how they presented themselves, how they wishes to be presented, their tastes,  their way of couture and so on. This was a success, considering that the magazine had become a wide spread topic of discussion. Everyone much like now, wanted to be a part of the elite and dressing up like them was one of the many ways of attaining such prestige.

Back in the time, the magazine was concerned with fashion, social affairs and sports related news and coverage for their male following.

Then came in Condé Nast, in 1905, a year before Arthur’s passing. He gradually began to expand the magazine, both in terms of content and readership. He changed the focus of the magazine to women. That brought the true elite status of the magazine. It served as a symbol of the upper class and then the expansion led to wedding coverages from solely being focused on attire.

Since Vogue’s overall reach, audience and research has expanded, Nast increased the prices as well, this is where the profit’s skyrocketed as they had never before.

During the times of the great depression, the 1920’s to 1970’s, the magazine expanded considerably. Vogue had opened the door to better editorials, bolder topics and other controversial areas of the time. This led the magazine to be a huge hit amongst the younger populace.

Years later, when Elle, the three year start up emerged it gave Vogue a run for its money. This happened in July 1988. This was the downfall of Vogue, though after the leadership was taken over by Anna Wintour. Vogue was able to rise from the ashes.


Vogue basically means the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time. So, in a way, the magazine is just supposed to bring forth the fashion that is trending. But the aim of the magazine moved from the elite and their couture, not completely. The essence of the root of the magazine, still remains strong. But now more than directing their audience to what they should simply wear. They discuss things as innovation in fashion, updates, celebrity lifestyles and such.

Fashion and setting trends is still hot on their list but they’ve opened up to a larger topic spectrum.


Vogue faced critism upon their international editions, was massive. Since the magazine was not taking into consideration cultural and religious norms. Initially, they faced major back lash. After adjusting and rethinking their strategy.

Followed by moments where the degartory depiction of females and minors caused an uproar and led Vogue making a lot of clarifications. The other complaints being how some issues of the magazine were much too redundant, were not helping women evolve but simply stated what to wear if you want to look like XYZ celebrity and that if you wish to acheve fitness, follow this ABC person’s diet regime and workout shedule.