In a world of fleeting attention spans and ever expanding information. Books and newspapers? Many of us don’t have time for that.

We all know why books and magazines can’t be compared, but how are magazines and newspapers so different? Well, the most obvious things to state are; the visuals, the context, the most importantly and the audience it targets.

Newspapers are much more versatile, in the sense that they cover a vast and infinite number of topics from various sources. There isn’t a lot of if’s and but’s on what the trending news should be about.

Now magazines are a whole other story, they have a target audience to please. That is no easy feat considering there is never endless gossip or news about the same topics. Magazines mainly function in the following subject’s entertainment, science, trending markets, sports, glamour, gossip and movies. Sports is seasonal, gossip is limited to insiders, and science doesn’t create a new invention every day and so on. Every one of these topics has a limit but magazines have to cater to the masses no matter what. So magazines are limited print media in comparison to newspapers.

Magazine’s on the surface aren’t considered to be very reliable and is more based on the vague guesses of what could be going on based on the cookie crumbs found by the editors, researchers and other concerned people.

That is unless that magazine has built and worked on that deparentment and is always ahead of the curve. But again, as compared to newspapers, magazines do not give the latest scoop. Though, recent but unlike newspapers, not latest.

But in this world of technology where there’s a movie for everything, audio books and a whole gist of complicated matters on Google, are magazines still read? Well, we do not know about the ones at your local book stores, but these certainly are.

That was enough about what magazines are and what not. Let’s move on to that. We are going to be going over a list of the best magazines from all over the world. Though, yes most of these are American, but they are the most well-known regardless where you are from.

Let us start with the most famous magazine that probably has ever existed!


If you haven’t heard of Forbes, you’re probably a hermit from the Bermuda triangle. Hi, there! We come in peace. Forbes is a business magazine, published twice a week. The magazine talks about these topics; finance, industry, investment, marketing, technology, communications, science, politics, and law subjects. Pretty sure you’ve heard of “Forbes 10 Richest Athletes/ Actors/ Business women.” Etc. There are plenty of lists and rankings the magazine is popular for. It’s on the top of our list for a reason.

The magazine is one of the most reliable source of information for the international market. Who’s going up the ladder, who’s going down, who came out of nowhere? Forbes has got it covered. Forbes essentially has every aspect of everything covered. Though, I can’t vouch for the accuracy because I don’t know everything, yikes. But whatever is going on in the e-commerce field, the tech world, SpaceX’s bankruptcy status, it’s got it all.

Financial Times, Fortune and Bloomberg Bussiness week are considered to be Forbes biggest rivals.


Taking the spot on number 2, here is Fortune, the American multinational business magazine. Oh and one of Forbes top rivals.

The magazine has been founded by Time co-founder Henry Luce back in 1929. This was initially to be named Power, by at the end of all of that conflict, Fortune was the named decided.

The magazine is also famous for its lists and rankings, much like its competitor. The most famous ranking being “Fortune Global 100”, “Most Powerful Women”, “40 Under 40”, “Fortune 500” and so on. The magazine has no specific publishing time criteria but does update regular.

Need to know about IPO’s, crypto currency, artificial intelligence and more.


This is one of the world’s popular women centric magazine. It covers all sorts of femine topics and latest celebrity updates and gossip. Owned by the mass media company, Hearst Communications. This magazine has been around since the 1880’s. Talk about old school. But you know what they say old school beats new school.

Also the winner of the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Magazine Overall Coverage. This is one of the bestselling magazines on the planet. With a circulation of 3,032,211 copies only in the US. The international count, I’m sure most of us can imagine. (No, we can’t)

Literally keeping up with the Kardashians faster than anyone else, Cosmopolitan is hands down one of the most entertaining magazines around. Formerly was named The Cosmopolitan.

Currently being run under, editor in chief, Jessica Pels, the magazine has been running very successfully.

Other than keeping up with female actresses and influential figures. It also has the most helpful columns on lifestyle, health and fitness, all catering to the needs of a 21st century woman.


Vogue is a fashion magazine that covers many other categories such as lifestyle, bauty, culture and runway. What’s good in the modeling hood? Vogue can get you everything that is going on.

The magazine is very popular and has several editions in different countries. Like Vogue India, Vogue Italia, Vogue Turkiye, British Vogue and so on.

The chief editor, Anna Wintour is a quite a well reputed figure. She has appeared in several films;  Manolo, the Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards, The First Monday in May, Mademoiselle C, The Last Impresario and The September Issue.

The magazine is a fashionista code book and has everything any must know about the fashion universe. Top models? Latest trends? Designer launches? Newest Prada bag? Vogue has got it all covered. The magazine has expanded beautifully over the course of time.


This magazine is a mini lifestyle encyclopedia, of sorts. Founded in the 1922, relatively new compared to the other contenders in this list. It is a general interest magazine, originating in America. According to a 2018 survey, the number of copies that have been circulated are 3,025,518. Which is a big number. Since in this day and age, people really do not like hardcopies but use their phones for everything.

The founder of Rider’s Digest are DeWitt WallaceLila Acheson Wallace

This magazine doesn’t really follow up with gossip, pop-culture trends, and such. But the topics wary from climate change awareness to decorating patios. With a section for giggles and laughs. It also has very informative topics and recent scientific researches. This magazine is Most popularly found in school libraries.

With new recopies, DIY’s and such. It’s the magazine for every suburban home! The main feature of the article being the 100 word submit anybody has a chance to participate in it’s a very neat concept.


Unlike the other magazines in the list, this magazine is Australian.  This is for all the aussies out there! It’s a woman’s magazine, that’s right. Similar to Cosmopolitan, it’s one of Austrailaia’s longest running magazine. The magazine was first issued in 1902by Fitchett Bros.

This magazine works on the same dynamic as Cosmopolitan and Elle. To elaborate its target audience is women, but men are welcome to read too.

The magazine has eyes and ears on the royal family, and also cater to the people’s gossip and celebrity update needs. Covering lifestyle, travel, and to sum it up all the crazy stuff going on in Australia.

The magazine does not cater to business and tech insider news but overall, gives the brief if whatever major movement is going on. They seem to have a dedication for the royal family. So next time you want to know what Kate Middleton and Megan Markle feuds are going down, you will know where to look.


Speaking of the British royal family, the next magazine on our list, is the New Statesman Magazine. This is a British magazine keeping up with the political climate and cultural diversities in society.

Feel like you are at a loss for what is going on in the political world? Don’t know what Trump did today? Well, online or within the grasp if your hand, this is where you’re going to get the dry information on politics and problems related to communism, poverty, chauvinism and such. They get you into whatever is happening regardless of where its going on.

Mexico’s drug cartel, the rise of internet justice warriors, immigrants, dying bristish tea economy statistics? They have got the information on all of it. Except for the last part, that was a bit impromptu.

But you won’t be getting an update on the British old town road remix in this magazine.


Time for some representation for the XY chromosome. Yes, GQ, the magazine for men. GQ was formerly known as Gentlemen’s Quarterly and founded in 1913, New York.

It is a men’s fashion magazine, which is mainly aimed at  wholesale buyers and retail sellers. The main idea of the magazine was to give the industry insiders to know the climate of the fashion and couture universe. But it expanded and here there are today.

Who said men aren’t allowed to look chic? Not me.

GQ is famous for its “Men of the Year Awards”. In the US the circulation of issues is 824,334 per month and as for GQ UK, the circulation was 114,867 issues.

While the magazine mainly focuses on men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle. There are also columns for culture, watches and most popular section. The GQ Hype.

The magazine has different editions in different countries, including South Korea, Francxe, Taiwan, Australia and so on.

The South Korean edition even had Big Bang member’s, TOP and G-Dragon featured, now that is an achievement.

The monthly subscription costs $15.


This magazine probably rivals Forbes in terms of popularity. This too is an American                                                                                                    magazine that was founded in in 1923 by Henry Luce. It is published weekly and the current editor in chief is Edward Felselthal.

Time magazine has a European edition, based in London and an Asian edition, based in Hong Kong.

Time magazine is also a news website and is one the same elite tier as BBC, if you consider BBC to be elite tier. But either way, both magazines has a stellar popularity rate.

Time magazine focuses on tech and political insiders, the juiciest scoop on whatever is trending on the  market and is the very first to spill the beans on US related scandals and economic conditions.


No, this isn’t Adele’s platinum award winning title, it’s that magazine everyone wants to see their name in. Based in San Francisco, California, and it is published monthly. This magazine is more concerned with pop culture and the world that lies beyond the spectrum of politics, economics and such. Though not entirely is does cover those boring topics too but only the must know parts.

It’s got a ton of uselful and entertaining articles, from block buster reviews to how to articles, there is so much the rolling stone has to offer.

The target audience of the magazine is young adults, that is people aged 20 and above. I would say tis magazine is more than perfect to keep anyone updated about the stuff going around the plmnaet, wshther that be Hollywood related, politics related or music charts. Speakin of, Old Town Road by Lil Nas X is on number one, yikes.


The essence of magazines lies in the mindset of its target audience, because that is who they must cater too. That is what their content conjuring depends on. That is the secret formula, so if you are looking to subscribe to a magazine. You got to know what you want to know about. If you just want a good old gossip filled read, or want to be up to date with new advancemts in the realm of technology or whatever it is. Decide accordingly.